Glenlyn Academy’s Dance & Performance course allows students to focus on the core dance disciplines of Ballet, Tap, Technical Jazz, Contemporary and Commercial. This course gives students a solid foundation leading to an advanced understanding of dance technique with regular performing opportunities.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Primary / Level 1 Students take four classes a week in Ballet, Technical Jazz and Tap and select a fourth dance discipline in either Street Jazz or Acrobatics.
  • Level 2 Students take seven classes a week in Ballet, Technical Jazz, Tap, Commercial, Contemporary and select two dance disciplines from Street Jazz, Acrobatics, Ballet, Boys Dance, Technical Jazz and Tap.
  • Level 3 Students take eight classes a week in Ballet, Technical Jazz, Tap, Commercial, Contemporary and Acrobatics.

Girls on the Dance & Performance course are given specialist classes in developing the strength and technique required to go ‘en pointe’. Boys are given specialist classes that focus on developing strength, stamina and technique.

Students on the Dance & Performance course cover:

  • An understanding of the fundamentals of jazz dance: including turns, steps and kicks
  • Developing posture, co-ordination and correct placement in dance
  • Improving self-confidence while developing greater balance, flexibility and strength
  • Understanding the technicality of footwork and co-ordination, corner to corner work and spacing and routine combination
  • A deep understanding of performance and technicality
  • Ballet barre exercises and stretches: including French terminology
  • Ballet footwork combinations (enchantments)
  • Build and develop tap choreography: and advancement of footwork combinations
  • Essential Contemporary dance combinations of steps and fundamental choreography
  • Technical exercises that improve posture, such as centering and floor exercises and travelling steps
  • The correct method to execute tricks including cartwheels, flips and tumbles

All students enrolled on to the Introduction to Dance  programme are given the opportunity to perform in Glenlyn Academy’s two showcases every year and are entered for medals, awards and examinations with the NATD (National Association of Teachers of Dancing) and IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association).

Senior students receive career and development advice to allow them to make a seamless transition into further and higher education and training. Parents receive verbal feedback on their child’s development every term and a written report every year.